Federal Tax Credits Sun Direct’s Solar Power Products all qualify under IRS regulations for a tax credit of up to 30% of their cost.  If audited, the IRS requires a Manufacturer's Certification to qualify for the tax credit.  Download our Manufacturer's Certification HERE. 4K: 4000 Watt Pure Sine- Wave Solar Generator 918/612-4090 Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 9 PM Central Here’s the 4K 4,000 Watt Solar Generator System.  What You Can Expect From This System The 4K will provide 12,000 watts in an emergency, and will NOT burn out  Need it to run longer?  Add batteries.  You can add as many solar panels and batteries as you like, even from other companies.  No other backup system allows you to do that!!! You can connect windmills, water wheels, gas generators...no other system covers you like ours. We put you in control of your power.                   Power For Life                                 918/612-4090 Get Completely Off-Grid for a Dime per Kwh!!! Only We Can Make This Deal! We’re Not The Only Ones Doing This...We’re Just The                                                Only Ones Doing It Right. Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee on the Electronics. Lifetime Guarantee on Solar Panels. Two Year Replacement Guarantee On Batteries. You won’t beat that anywhere! See what our customers think! Military Hardened! Marine Hardened! Expandable - Any Number of Panels and Batteries!!! Even Add Inverters to Increase Output Wattage! mysolarbackup Solutions From Science Proceeds From Our Sales Support the Terraformers’ Efforts  to Clean the Plastic Out of the Oceans A Division of the Sea Lions Foundation                                www.SeaLionsFoundation.com