For local service, contact an authorized dealer. The authorized dealers for Sun Direct Power have all attended and passed Sun Direct Power’s Solar School requirements. They have the necessary knowledge and skills to guide anyone through a checklist designed to assess how much solar equipment is needed to accomplish any task and have more than sufficient knowledge to help others think like an electric company. Thinking like the electric company helps people understand their bills and allows them to asses how to lower them. It is up up the consumer to “control the outcome”. Our dealers provide the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate your current electrical needs and counter them with a free supply from the sun. Sun Direct’s Authorized Dealers Caribbean Distributor J. Cole International Austin, TX: Eric Hulin 512/590-9427 San Jose, CA: Pastor Gordon Roberts 408/324-4818 Corpus Christi, TX:  Penny Peavy & Jenell Redding 361/547-9062 DDC Engineering Honolulu, Hawaii 808-478-5700 Become an Authorized Dealer!  The Market is HOT! Email                   Power For Life                                 918/612-4090 A Division of the Sea Lions Foundation