500 Kilowatt-hours per month System: $18,995 1000 Kilowatt-hours per month system: $37,990 Houses with Solar Have Higher Resale Value 4200 Watt Solar Panel Array 2 x 4,000 Watt Inverters: 66-Amp 120v Service! 33 Kilowatt-hour Battery Bank (enough to go two avg. days with no sun!) Includes ALL the Equipment You Need! 8400 Watt Solar Panel Array 3 x 4,000 Watt Inverters: 100-Amp 120v Service! 66 Kilowatt-hour Battery Bank (enough to go two avg. days with no sun!) Includes ALL the Equipment You Need! Call to Order! The Catch: You get to mount the panels, and have the electrician connect the inverters to your breaker box. Your battery bank will need replacing roughly every ten years (not included in this price). We recommend a pergola or arbor for mounting. Roofs often get hot enough that they reduce panel output.   This is a COMPLETE system. Here’s the math: A Solar System added to your residence for $18,995 gets you a Tax Credit (not a deduction) of $5698.50 RIGHT OFF THE TOP OF NEXT YEAR’S FEDERAL INCOME TAX!!  So the cost of the system becomes $13,296.50 500 Kwh per month x 12 months x 30 years = 186,000 Kilowatt-hours $17,499.30 divided by 186,000 Kwh = 7.1 cents per kilowatt-hour! Now Add in the Cost of replacing your battery bank in about ten years and again in about twenty years: about $2500 each time.  That pushes the system cost up to $18,296.50 over thirty years, TOTAL. $18,296.50 divided by 186,000 Kilowatt-hours = 9.8cents per kilowatt-hour: Cheaper Than The Grid!!! If you make your own power, THERE’S NO SMART METER INVOLVED, NOR AN EXCUSE TO PUT ONE ON YOUR HOUSE!!! You Can’t Beat This With A Stick!!!!! The Cheapest and Best Way To Mount A Solar Array: A Solar Pergola or Rack Mounts Building A Pergola & Mounting Panels is Usually Cheaper Than Paying for Roof Mounting Heat From the Roof Reduces Solar Panel Effectiveness - Not A Problem This Way Can’t Cause A Leak In The House Roof (Very Common problem) Not Part of the House, so If You Move, You Can Take The Panels & Equipment With You No Need to Remove & Replace When You Re-Shingle the Roof (Save BIG Labor Cost) Makes A Beautiful Backyard Rest Area! If Built On Wooden Footers, Instead of Posts Sunk Into the Ground, A Pergola Requires No Building Permit Or, Usually, Covenant/HA Approval!                   Power For Life                                 918/612-4090 off grid, whole house system, solar, solar generator, solar backup Get off the Grid Without Going Broke!!! A Division of the Sea Lions Foundation                                www.SeaLionsFoundation.com