If your system is damaged in shipping, return it immediately and we will repair or replace it, at our option. We will repair or replace any part that fails to perform as specified under warranty. All of our systems are extremely expensive to produce. Batteries cost more to ship than they do to produce, and they lose 60% of their value the moment the protective tabs are taken off. Solar panels lose 70% of their cash value the moment they're unboxed by the consumer, and another ten percent the moment they're mounted. Electronics lose 30% of their value the moment they're unboxed and used once by the consumer. Given these facts, accepting returns or giving refunds are simply not  responsible uses of the latitude the Sea Lions Foundation has granted us.  We can do many unorthodox things to fulfill our responsibilities, but accepting returns is simply not one of them. So do your homework before you order.  You won't find anyone offering anywhere near what we offer, for anywhere near the price, but if you do...tell us.  We want to know.                     Power For Life                                 918/612-4090 A Division of the Sea Lions Foundation                                www.SeaLionsFoundation.com