Lifetime Warranty Simple - Direct We guarantee the electronics we supply to work under normal conditions, for as long as the original owner owns the system.  That means don’t draw more than the rated Standard Draw, don’t connect anything backward, don’t run any cables over hot metal that might melt the insulation or sharp edges that might cut it, don’t put batteries in your bank of the wrong voltage, don’t cause any damage through failure to maintain your system, don’t put your charge controllers anywhere but indoors, don’t connect any solar panels without charge controllers, keep your connections clean and tight, and do all the maintenance the manual tells you to right and on time.  Do those things, and nothing will fail.  Should anything fail under those conditions, send your system to us, with a return shipping label so we can get it back to you.  We’ll check it over and repair or replace anything that’s malfunctioning, and send it back. The first guarantee on the solar panels is from the manufacturer, and is for either 25 or 30 years depending on which model you ordered.  During that time, if there’s a problem, you’d take it up with them.  Their contact info is in your instruction manual; don’t lose it.  At the end of their guarantee, the panels will be working at not less than 80% of rated power.  From then on, we guarantee that your solar panel(s) will work at not less than 60% of rated power for as long as you own your system.  Should a panel fail to perform at that level, send it back to us with a note stating why you believe it’s not producing the right amount of power.  We’ll check it over, and if it’s not working, we’ll send you a new one free. Our systems are workhorses, with power and stamina. The only part we can’t guarantee for life is the batteries; they’re consumables.  We order them for you from a nationwide supplier, and they themselves set the guarantee terms on their batteries.                                                                    BUT one of those suppliers offers a two-year free replacement warranty (Batteries Plus), followed by pro-rating, and the other offers 18 months free replacement followed by pro-rating (Interstate). if you have one from Interstate, which you ordered through us as part of a system or as a later purchase, and it fails after the 18 month period but before the end of the 24 month period, here’s what you do: take it to an Interstate dealer, and find out what they’re going to charge under their pro-rated warranty to replace it.  Have them call us while you’re standing in their shop.  We’ll whip out our company credit card and pay the pro-ration right there over the phone, so you walk out of there with a new battery, just the same as our customers who have Batteries Plus batteries. We’re not the only ones doing this; we’re just the only ones doing it right. We put you in control of your power.                   Power For Life                                 918/612-4090 A Division of the Sea Lions Foundation